The Sol-ti Pro Sol-team is a group of professional athletes who are committed to living lives of health and well-being.

Pro Sol-team Directors

Jesse on a concert
Jesse sitting on top of a car

Jesse Royal

 Professional Musician

Joey doing a trick on a skateboard

Joey Brezinski

Professional Skateboarder

Pro Sol-team 

Chuck riding a wave on a surfboard
Chuck wearing a red jacket

Chuck Patterson

Action Sports Athlete/Stuntman

Dakota doing a trick on a bike in a wall
Dakota wearing a black hat and a black shirt

Dakota Roche

Professional BMX Rider

Enchante in a wet suit is diving in the deep sea
Enchante in a blue wet suit

Enchante Gallardo

Professional Freediver

Kei rides a wave in the ocean
Kei wearing a green hat and white t-shirt

Kei Kobayashi 

Professional Surfer

Landon on skies doing a trick on a slope
Landon on a black jacket

Landon Glover


Michelle on roller skates jumping on a concrete ledge
Michelle in a pink top

Michelle Steilen

Professional Roller Skater

Molly surfing on a wave
Molly in a red bikini on the beach

Molly Tuschen

Professional Surfer

Nathan doing a trick in his bike
Nathan wearing a green and yellow hat with a black jacket

Nathan Williams

Professional BMX Rider

Trevor doing a trick on a skateboard
Trevor wearing a black t-shirt

Trevor McClung

Professional Skateboarder

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