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The latest SuperFood blends from Sol-ti. New ingredients and increased benefits to address holistic wellness considerations.

Mix and Match - Sold in Bundles of 12 bottles $49 ($4.08 / Bottle)

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Taste the excellence of our best sellers.

SuperShot® Bundles

Boost your day with SuperShot® ! Packed with potent ingredients, these shots are your shortcut to revitalized energy and holistic wellness!

Mix and Match - Sold in Bundles of 12 bottles $49 ($4.08 / Bottle)

SuperAde® Bundles

Refreshingly infused with superfoods, these organic beverages are a daily dose of antioxidants and vitamins. Experience vitality in a bottle!

16 Packs - $109 ($6.81 / Bottle)

Variety Bundles

Dive into a world of flavors with our Variety Packs! Perfect for discovering new favorites or enjoying a mix of our nourishing, organic beverages. Explore and indulge!

36 Packs - $199 ($5.52 / Bottle)

Nourishment Cleanses

A balanced approach to cleansing with added SuperFoods and adeptogens for optimum digestion and brain function. Choose between a 2-Day or 4-Day Cleanse and experience the benefits of raw, living, hydration.

SuperMix® Bundles

Organic, nutrient-rich trail mixes for conscious snacking. A harmonious blend of taste and nutrition!

6 Packs - $17.99 ($2.99 / Bag)

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Wear Your Wellness!Dive into our exclusive range of Sol-ti merchandise! From eco-friendly apparel to vibrant accessories, embrace and showcase your passion for wellness and sustainability.