Seekers of Truth and Light.

The Sol-ti Brand Affiliate community is built on a passion for healthy living and sustainability. 

Sol-ti Brand Affiliates are Sol-yasins - Seekers of Truth and Light. 

How it works?


Fill out a simple Affiliate Program application so we can learn more about you.


Tell all your friends + family about your unique affiliate code to earn commission!


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As a messenger of light, you can enjoy awesome perks including:

Cashback commissions earned on every qualifying purchase  from followers that use your unique Brand Affiliate Discount Code!*

30% Discount on your First Personal Order*

20% Discount on Recurring Personal Orders at*

Your friends, family + followers will Receive a 15% Discount on their purchases when using your unique Sol-yasin Discount Code*

We are Sun-Beings, here to embody the energy and vitality of the vibrant sun, enjoying and sharing Living Beverages, promoting sustainability, and inspiring all

to Let Yourself Shine!

Sol-ti is excited to announce a new program which allows Sol-ti Brand Affiliate to increase commissions based on sales with a goal of reaching the level of a Sol-yasin Sun-Being! We each have an inner light, and we encourage you to shine your brightest with Living Beverages and your commitment to helping others shine through liquids of vitality while also preserving the planet.

Sol-ti Brand Affiliates Receive 5% of sales (cash payout) commission from every qualifying purchase at using your unique Code.

A Sol-yasin reaches the Shine Level once a sales goal of $1,500 is reached, gaining a boost to 7% of sales (cash payout) commission!

A Sol-yasin can level-up to a Sun-Being once a sales goal of $3,000 is reached, increasing sales (cash payout) commission to 10%! This is the ultimate level to Let Yourself Shine! 

*Sol-yasin Levels and Commission will be reviewed and reset on an annual basis starting in December 2021 for eligibility in subsequent years.

(*Discounted Personal Orders must reach the order minimum of $130).

Questions? Reach us at