Michelle Steilen

Pro Sol-team 

Professional Roller Skater

HOMETOWN: Philadelphia

CURRENTLY RESIDES: Long Beach, California

Date of Birth: April 3, 2003

Raised in the outskirts of Philadelphia, Michelle Steilen is an entrepreneur most known for founding the brand Moxi Roller Skates and as a professional roller skater, skating under the alias “Estro Jen.” Estro Jen serves as a spokesperson/announcer, promoter/organizer, product developer and stunt person in the roller skating industry.

Steilen attributes her greatest influences in life being a solid sisterhood, working hard in school, international studies, cheerleading and roller skating. After graduating from Temple University, Michelle moved to California for the weather and to live an active lifestyle. Michelle joined the roller derby and quickly rose to success.

After coaching around the world and founding two roller derby leagues, Michelle branched out to promote recreational roller skating under the Moxi Roller Skates brand name to nurture the potential for a broader market. The Moxi brand lives on to be the number one selling brand in the USA. Michelle is launching a new brand, Lazo in Summer ’23.

Michelle is a member of the SAG stunt union having also been featured as principal talent in many commercial, music videos and tv/film projects, such as doubling for Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Birds Of Prey.

As a leader in the roller skating industry, Michelle hopes to broaden the industry’s reach to establish more legitimacy around events like roller skating that promote the importance of a healthy, happy, active lifestyle and community in all the ways you find it! 

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