Enchante Gallardo

Pro Sol-team 

Professional Freediver

HOMETOWN: Oahu, Hawaii


Enchante was born and raised on Oahu, Hawaii and has grown up in and around the water since she was a young girl. She spent most of her time on the surface and in the waves. When she discovered freediving that deepened her connection with the ocean and also with herself. Freediving allowed her to pursue her passion, traveling the globe and pushing her personal limits to the depths. 

She is a professional freediver, competing for the US freediving team. She continues to compete as one of the top female freediving athletes in the world. She currently holds the U.S. national record in multiple freediving disciplines and has held several continental records. She continues to travel the world to train and compete internationally, constantly striving to enhance her freediving abilities. She loves sharing her passion for freediving with others and hopes to continually be an inspiration to other to follow their dreams. 

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