General Questions

The literal definition of Sol-ti is “of the sun” or “you are the sun.” Sol-ti uses all organic plants, fruit and herbs which are nourished by the sun. We also have a patent process on UV Light Filtration™, which ensures our beverages are never heat pasteurized nor frozen. Thus, we thought Sol-ti was fitting as everything we do is around the nourishment of the sun.
Our 26,000 square foot production and distribution centers are in San Diego, CA where we make all of our Living Beverages weekly with fresh ingredients. We intentionally placed our production facility in close proximity to many local farms where we source our produce from. We source most of our produce from local farmers who practice sustainable farming methods. Sourcing locally not only ensures the freshest, most flavorful product, but also supports the environment (fewer miles traveled) and our neighboring communities. Attached to our facility is Sol-ti's Tasting Room, the mecca of organic beverage tasting experiences. Smack dab in the middle of craft brew central in Miramar, San Diego. With Sol-ti Living Beverages, grab-and-go vegan eats, Wi-Fi, and yoga all under one roof, Sol-ti is the healthy place to be.
Yes. We believe organic produce is the best choice for the health and safety of the planet. All of our ingredients are not certified organic, however we only use organic produce that is grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides to make organic beverages that are naturally delicious, residue-free and sustainable.

• Superior Nutrition: Organic produce is between 30 - 40% higher nutrient dense than conventional produce. NATURAL: Non GMO, Pesticide and Chemical free - you may drink more than 20 pounds of produce each day of the Cleanse. Consuming the same amount of conventional produce would expose you to a toxic level of pesticides, making for a very ineffective cleanse.
• Good for the Planet: The philosophy of organic food production maintains principles of biodiversity, ecological balance, sustainability, natural plant fertilization, natural pest management, and soil integrity.
Cold pressing is a decades-old method of extracting liquid from plants without denaturing enzymes or breaking down nutrients with high levels of heat or oxygen. Our hydraulic press squeezes every colorful, delicious drop of liquid out of a plant while keeping its health-giving properties intact, producing a Living Beverage® that tastes incredible.

In contrast, a more common form of juicing, centrifugal juicing, relies on a metal blade that spins at great speed against a mesh filter, separating juice from fruit and vegetable solids. This method not only extracts juice that is less dense with vitamins, minerals and enzymes than cold-pressed juice, but the spinning blade brings high temperatures and oxidation into the equation, changing the juice’s chemistry and hastening its deterioration.
When we say that our Living Beverages are raw, we mean that nothing in them has been cooked, subjected to temperatures above 118F in the juicing process or through pasteurized. Pasteurization or Flash Pasteurization is a process whereby something destined for human consumption (like juice, for example) is brought to a very high temperature for a short period of time, and then immediately cooled down. The idea is to kill off potentially harmful bacteria and to slow the microbial growth that causes things to go bad, thereby reducing the risk of contamination and increasing shelf life. Pasteurization kills off healthy life forms along with the harmful ones, reducing nutrition from much of the juice the world consumes today.

Pascalization, or high-pressure processing (HPP), is an alternative to pasteurization. Instead of heat, this process uses pressure to stunt the growth of pathogens. During HPP, sealed plastic bottles of juice are placed in water, and 87,000 pounds of pressure is applied for approximately 80 seconds. This extends a juice’s best-before date from a few days to up to 90 days. Like pasteurization, this is a method of tampering with the natural life in juice; we’re not into that.

Instead of these methods, we harness the sun's natural power and use ultraviolet light to filter our beverages. This reduces the ability for potentially harmful pathogens such as E-Coli, Listeria and Salmonella to reproduce. This process takes a matter of seconds and does not heat or otherwise disrupt juice from its natural flow. Cheers to sunlight and nature.
Our beverages are alive and fresh. This means that Sol-ti must be kept refrigerated. Our Living Beverages have an average shelf life of 120 days, depending on the ingredients and pH of the specific beverage. Look for the date and lot code on the back of your bottle—it should be good through the end of that day.
We work with local organic suppliers. When that is not an option (it’s tricky to find local strawberries in December), we are careful to source our ingredients from suppliers who care as much about the quality of their produce and the size of their environmental footprint as we do. Sol-ti does not use any extraction any of our products.
Recycle them! Glass is recyclable an indefinite amount of times and the glass recycle rate is higher than any other packaging recycle rate in North America. All of our glass can be redeemed for CA CRV at a local recycle station.

Drinking out of glass reduces your footprint, our footprint and takes us towards a full permacycle system.

You can also reuse your bottles for more juice, smoothies, water, tea, storing superfoods, nuts, granola, making candles, propagating plants, as a vase, and more. Feel free to tag us on Instagram @drinksolti with #reuseyoursolti so we can see your creativity with reusing Sol-ti bottles!
Many of the things we eat introduce high levels of acidity into our systems. For example, animal products like meat, eggs and dairy; processed foods like refined flour and sugar; and beverages like soft drinks and coffee are all acid forming. Too much acidity decreases the body’s ability to absorb minerals and other nutrients, hinders its ability to repair damaged cells, and makes it more susceptible to fatigue and illness. This state of acidity is called acidosis. Drinking reverse osmosis water and consuming more alkalizing foods like vegetables and fruit, both whole and in cold-pressed juice form, is thought to help to neutralize this acid and keep your bodily fluids within their optimal pH range. The reverse osmosis water we use goes through a RO filtration system that reduces chlorine and fluoride levels to near zero on a measurement device.
A natural chemical process called oxidation takes place in your body every day. This process can be compared to the chemical reaction that causes metal to rust or the surface of a cut apple to turn brown. Getting stressed out, drinking too much alcohol or smoking cigarettes can accelerate oxidation. Disrupting the natural oxidation process can result in the creation of highly unstable and potentially destructive molecules called free radicals. The formation of these molecules is triggered by oxygen, and if their production is left uncontrolled and exceeds your body’s protective defenses, they can damage your cells. Cell damage caused by free radicals is a suspected factor in several diseases including cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, cataracts, diabetes, kidney disease and age-related blindness.

Fortunately, the human body has a natural defense against free radicals: antioxidants. These are molecules that can safely interact with free radicals to intervene in their path of destruction before too much cell damage is done. Antioxidants come in many different forms, both as naturally occurring enzyme systems in the body and as vitamins (C and E), minerals (selenium and manganese) and plant compounds (beta carotene and lycopene). Many plant foods are good sources of antioxidants, and the best way to arm your body with the variety of these molecules needed to fight free radicals is to infuse your diet with vegetables and fruit of every color of the rainbow.
This is true of many of the processed juices you will find at the grocery store, which contain little to none of the natural goodness of the fruit and vegetables from which they derive, but all of the sugar (and often more added on top of that!). That is not the case with our beverages. The naturally occurring sugars in the juice that we extract from our ingredients with our hydraulic presses are accompanied by the live enzymes, vitamins and trace minerals that you would get from eating the raw fruit or vegetable, which offer you a lot more than a quick rush.

If you are looking for low sugar, our SuperAde Line consists of functional beverages that are low in sugar. Each SuperAde® contains organic pressed lemon with added superfoods and pure reverse osmosis water.
Everything we produce is 100% organic, sourced from local farms who command a fair price for their goods, and are prepared in-house by our dedicated team. Our Living Beverages are bottled in glass, and we never adulterate our products with heat pasteurization or high-pressure processing (HPP). As Sol-ti continues to expand nationwide, we are able to scale our production costs to offer conscious consumers prices that are the same or lower than the plastic alternatives on the shelf.
We are big advocates of what we call “recreational Living Beverages,” which we define as drinking cold-pressed Sol-ti whenever the mood strikes—instead of that morning coffee, say, or in that afternoon lull when you might be craving something sweet. We don’t tend to think of it as a meal replacement and recommend drinking prior to consuming food in the morning and in betweeen meals.

Having said that, the answer to this question depends a great deal on the individual. Some people will find that a nutrient-dense beverage makes for a filling and convenient occasional substitute for a more substantial breakfast, lunch or dinner. Either way, integrating Living Beverages into your daily routine will help to keep you healthy, balanced and energized. We do not advocate replacing food with Living Beverages altogether unless you are cleansing. There is no substitute for insoluble fiber-containing, soul-replenishing food. However, if you’re looking to detoxify, break bad habits, and give your body a rest, you might opt to try our Nourishment cleanse program.

Nourishment Cleanse

Cleansing is a way of clearing the toxic clutter from your system and pressing reset. Even if you’re already careful to avoid processed foods and drinks, stress and pollution can wreak havoc on your system, clouding both your body and your mind. A cleanse can help you flush out the toxins that build up inside you over time so that you can achieve vibrant health. If you feel tired, heavy, bloated, or simply imbalanced, reset your health and restore your energy levels with an organic Nourishment Cleanse.

Body: Organic juice cleansing gives your body a needed break from pesticides, hormones, additives and chemicals that you ingest each day through the consumption of processed food. Mind: The Cleanse experience brings a new level of mindfulness about nutrition and is a strong tool towards improving your relationship with food. Some of the key benefits of a Sol-ti Nourishment Cleanse are an increased sense of empowerment, control, and mental clarity. Done properly, this can improve your digestion and charge you with renewed (and renewable) energy. It can also help you take stock of your current nutritional habits and determine where there is room for improvement. You should emerge from your cleanse clear-headed, light on your feet, and with a new spring in your step.
While the human body is well equipped with detoxifying and fat-burning organs like the liver, kidney and skin, the modern-day diet contains so many chemicals, artificial ingredients and manufactured items, which push your body to constantly work in overdrive in order to keep up. A cleanse pauses the influx of pollutants long enough to give your cells a chance to finally mobilize and release it's toxins so your body may return to optimal health.

The cleanse gives the digestive system a break so your body can repair and heal itself with the energy it normally uses to break down food. Because a cleanse floods your body with organic nutrients from nature's freshest produce, the healing process is accelerated and uncomfortable detox symptoms associated with cleansing are greatly minimized.
Our cleanse is designed to give your digestive system a rest as a way to facilitate an expedited cleansing process. With this in mind, the Nourishment Cleanse intentionally does not contain large amounts of fiber in order to avoid the need for your body to break down fiber, which in turn conserves energy to be used in the cleansing process itself.
Pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, and various difficult to pronounce chemicals disguised as food are gently released from the body during a cleanse.
It is highly unlikely that any more time will be spent on the toilet than normal. However, urination will be frequent. If constipation is experienced, do not panic. There is less bulk being consumed so less coming out is ok.
Definitely. Arguably the greatest benefit is the mental clarity and sense of well-being experienced during and post cleansing. Abstaining from food and saving the energy that goes into preparing and digesting meals leads to a greater level of mindfulness. It is an empowering experience that places people back in control of their body.
Ingesting toxins is inevitable: cleansing or fasting is a way to feel less bogged down by this burden. Fruit and vegetables (that are not organic) are filled with pesticides. There are hormones and antibiotics in conventional dairy and meat products and all processed foods are overflowing with preservatives. Even drinking water is shown to contain residues of both prescription and over the counter medications, heavy metals, arsenic, pesticides and herbicides. There is also a toxic load from plastics used to store food. The cleaning products used in homes, workplaces and public spaces are often laden with chemicals. Mineral oil and preservatives are found in most personal hygiene products. On top of this, there is the constant stress of combating bacteria, parasites and viruses.
We prioritize your well-being and want to ensure that you make informed decisions regarding your health. It is important to note that our cleanses are not intended to treat or cure any specific medical condition, nor do we offer medically supervised cleanses. If you have a medical condition or are on prescription medication, we strongly advise that you consult your doctor before considering a cleanse. We do not recommend cleansing if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or under 18 years of age. Beyond that, the decision to cleanse or not to cleanse is a personal one. Listen to your body and do what feels right for you.
You can choose to drink juice, or make substitutions based on your level of experience, sensitivities or preferences. The length of the cleanse is also up to you: you can follow it for a single day, or for as many days as you wish. We recommend one to three days for a first cleanse.
Our pre-designed cleanse program is priced at less than $60 per day, for as many days as you’d like. You can purchase multiple 2 or 4 day cleanses to create the right length of Nourishment Cleanse for you!
Again, the answer to this question is entirely personal. Some people feel that a multiple-day cleanse each month, or even a single-day cleanse each week, helps them feel their best. Others prefer to cleanse once a season or once a year. There is no right answer, but some experimentation can help you determine what’s right for you.
You may lose a few pounds during a cleanse, but we do not view short-term weight loss as the focus of our Nourishment Cleanse program. Think of this as a chance to detoxify your body, reboot your system and break bad habits. We are far more concerned with long-term health gains than with the numbers on the scale from one day to the next. While some lost water weight may return, the benefits of the Sol-ti Nourishment Cleanse do not end when the cleanse is completed. The Nourishment Cleanse is a chance to reset eating habits and eliminate the desire for processed foods. Sol-ti Nourishment Cleanse helps to break unhealthy habits, restore the mind/body connection and kick-start a healthier lifestyle.
We recommend using three days or more leading up to your cleanse to prepare your body for this change by phasing out processed foods, refined flour, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, dairy and meat. If this sounds difficult, just know that the more work you do before your cleanse the easier and more transformative the results will be. Drink plenty of water, begin introducing one to three Living Beverages into your daily routine, and make fresh fruit or vegetables the centerpiece of each meal. Snack on minimal seeds and nuts as needed.
Yes. There is a common misconception that you will spend the duration of your cleanse sprawled on a settee with cucumber slices over your eyes. This should not be the case. If you prepare yourself properly and ease into it, you should be able to go about your normal life. However, do schedule your cleanse at a time when you can listen to your body’s needs and follow them. Your busiest and most stressful week of the year would not be the ideal time for a cleanse!
The order in which the cleanse beverages are listed is not arbitrary.

Early Morning start your Nourishment Cleanse off with Master Cleanse Organic pressed lemon will help alkalize and build immunity with a kick of cayenne pepper to improve circulation; Mid-Morning Next up is Blue Spirulina rich in protein and Vitamin B that are beneficial for memory function, Enjoy the taste of pure, fresh lemonade with the added nutrient benefits for mental clarity; Late Morning charge your digestive health, strengthen your immune system, and increase vitality with Dragon Fruit; Midday enjoy the taste of pure, fresh Chlorophyll Aloe and thrive with the benefits of digestive health, hydration, and skin rejuvenation; Early Afternoon revitalize with Master Cleanse to help strengthen immunity and vitality; Last step in Late Afternoon increase clarity in the afternoon with Blue Spirulina.

Having said all that, if you do not want to finish one of your Living Beverages, or if you feel the need for more beverages, listen to those signals! Again, think of our cleanse guide as a set of suggestions, not as a strict regime.
Yes. Staying hydrated while cleansing is extremely important. You should drink water before each of your beverages. In order to maximize the benefits of each Living Beverage, we recommend waiting forty minutes after finishing Sol-ti before drinking more water.
Yes, it is important to keep moving while you are cleansing, but take it easy. You may find that you have a great deal of energy, but be careful not to overdo it. Try replacing high-intensity cardio with a power walk or a swim. We particularly recommend doing yoga while cleansing. Deep breathing contributes to the elimination of toxins.
You should ease out of your cleanse in the same way that you eased into it. That means keeping processed foods, refined flour and sugar, alcohol, caffeine, dairy and meat out of your diet for good or at least the first few days while prioritizing vegetables, fruit, soups, and minimal seeds and nuts.

Your first few meals should be small and easy to digest, such as fruit, a smoothie for breakfast, a vegetable soup for lunch, and a light salad for dinner. Eat slowly, and chew carefully. Drink lots of water and continue drinking one to three Living Beverages per day. Take your cleanse as an opportunity to discard destructive old habits and form healthier ones. You’ll feel better for it.
We’re here for you! Call us at (888) SOL-TI11 or email us at

Facts to Consider

Sol-ti is USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC: We believe that certified organic produce is the best choice for the health and safety of you and our planet.

Superior Nutrition: Organic produce contains a nutrient density that is between 30% and 40 % higher than conventional produce. Natural: Non GMO, Pesticide and Chemical free - you consume nearly 20 pounds of produce each day of the Cleanse. Consuming the same amount of conventional produce would expose you to a toxic level of pesticides, making for a very ineffective cleanse. Planet Friendly: The philosophy of organic food production maintains principles of biodiversity, ecological balance, sustainability, natural plant fertilization, natural pest management, and soil integrity. Glass Bottled: To come around full circle, we use permacycle principles to reduce energy expenditure in the long term and help keep our beaches, oceans and landfills clean. Cold Pressed: Sol-ti uses a cold pressed method that is proven to yield 3-5x more nutrients than other methods. Slow pressing eliminates heat from the juicing process and decreases oxygenation in order to create better tasting, more nutritionally beneficial juices! This is different from conventional juicing methods (centrifugal) which move very quickly, leave much of the nutrients behind in the pulp, generate heat from high speed motors and introduce oxygen into the juice, all of which diminish its nutritional profile. The cold pressed method used by Sol-ti delivers maximum enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants through delicious tasting Living Beverage. Quality: Our cold pressing process creates a smooth, pulp-free, vibrant and delicious Living Beverage. Nutrition: Cold pressing is proven to yield 3-5x more nutrients than other methods; juice is extracted from the pulp with the most minimal oxidation. Taste: Cold pressing allows for maximum enzyme retention, creating a juice abundant in healthy nutrients your body can readily use. Simple & Convenient: Our Living Beverages are packaged in reusable GLASS bottles, the most environmentally friendly form of packaging. We deliver to your door with free 2 day shipping nationwide. Sol-ti offers Superior Liquid Nutrition. Before selling our first juice in 2014, we spent three years in research and development in our own production kitchen and consulting with the best food scientists in order to guarantee we are offering the most nutritionally balanced recipes that taste great!
Juice from your local juice bar is most likely made with a centrifugal juicer, which calls for immediate consumption due to the pulp remaining in the juice as well as the heat and oxygen exposure during the juicing process. On the other hand, our juice is made using a cold pressed juicer which eliminates nutrient damaging heat and oxygen from the juicing process and yields a smooth, pulp free juice that is extremely rich in enzymes, antioxidants and vitamins. Still - even cold pressed juice is subject to nutrient degradation in a short time due to yeast, mold and bacteria that is present in all juice. To reduce bacteria and pathogens, we use UV-C Filtration, which inhibits pathogens from reproducing. This ensures that each juice is full of flavor and is safe! Using the cold pressed method in combination with UV-C, guarantees that through our juices, you are receiving the maximum nutritional value from your living juice and can have absolute confidence in its safety, purity and quality.

Dietary Concerns

Absolutely. Living Beverages are a great addition to a daily routine and is an excellent alternative to sugary drinks or heat-pasteurized juices, which are void of nutrition. However we do not recommend cleansing for a child – please consult your personal physician.
If you have medical concerns of any kind or currently take medication, check with your doctor before introducing Sol-ti into your diet or embarking on a cleanse.

· Diabetes: We only recommend cleansing under the supervision and guidance of your physician.

· Cancer: Organic juice cleansing and supplementation offers extraordinary benefits during and after cancer therapy. Please consult with your physician.

· Auto-Immune Disease: Select Sol-ti products are anti-inflammatory which can be very beneficial. Consult with your physician
Organic Living Beverages are a great way to introduce whole food based nutrition into your balanced diet. Our unique UV Light Filtration process uses light rays to preserve our liquid without pasteurizing it – eliminating spoilers without impacting nutrient counts. However, we recommend consulting with your doctor or midwife before consuming Sol-ti.
The ingredients of Sol-ti's organic, Living Beverages are 100% certified kosher.
All of our organic, Living Beverages and Nourishment Cleanses are:
· Gluten-free
· Dairy-free
· Additive-free
· Nut-free
· 100% Vegan
Sol-ti SuperMix is:
. Gluten-Free
. Dairy Free
. Additive Free
. 100% Vegan

Sol-ti SuperMix Line is made in a facility separate from our Living Beverages. SuperMix is not Nut-Free. See each flavor for the common allergens that can be found in each.

Coconut Cashew SuperMix contains Cashews and Coconut.
Zesty Pizza SuperMix contains Almonds.
Spicy Santa Fe SuperMix contains Cashews, Almonds, and Soy (From Tamari).
Spicy Chipotle SuperMix contains Cashews.

Sol-ti Shipping & Storing

Sol-ti currently offers free nationwide shipping to your door step with sustainable packaging. You will receive a confirmation email with ship date after purchase. We ship Monday-Wednesday to ensure that your beverages are cold and fresh. Depending on the day of purchase, you may receive your delivery 1-4 business days after purchasing.
Sol-ti is built on the foundation of sustainability in every aspect of our business beyond our glass bottle. Our new sustainable e-commerce packaging is earth friendly. Our new packaging includes a 100% post-consumer recycled kraft brown cardboard box, post consumer recycled cardboards inserts to keep Sol-ti bottles from breaking, an insulated ClimaCell cooler (packed with jute, a native grass that is used to make burlap materials) and reusable ice packs. We also use soy ink based on naturally grown soy oil that can degrade more than four times faster than petroleum-based inks.
Shipping refrigerated Living Beverages bottled in glass without breakage is incredibly challenging. We have gone to great lengths to engineer our e-commerce sustainable packaging for safe delivery. However, if there are any issues with your shipment, please email so that we can make it right with you and continuously improve. Should you have any breakage on your shipment, we request to provide photos of the box and the breakage. This allows us to work with our carriers to ensure you are refunded in a timely manner.
We offer a discounted subscription service for those interested in receiving Sol-ti on a regular basis. You can find more info at when purchasing products or by emailing
Fresh is best, however if you are unable to drink your Living Beverage within the use by window, you are able to freeze for later consumption. We recommend unscrewing the lids and pouring a little of the liquid out to account for expansion of juice once frozen. When ready to consume, simply defrost, shake well and enjoy! Please be sure to consume entirely within three days of thawing. Also, please be aware that the texture and appearance of the beverage may change after freezing.
Sol-ti needs to be refrigerated to remain properly temperature controlled. If Sol-ti is left unrefrigerated and does not remain cold, it may begin to ferment and rapidly lose nutritional value as well as taste!