Sol-ti Structured Reverse Osmosis SuperH2O


Sol-ti's New Structured Reverse Osmosis SuperH2O(SuperWater)

We continuously innovate to ensure we are delivering the highest value, healthiest products to the world. Our SuperAde® Line previously featured reverse osmosis water, which filters our water to 0 TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) - reducing chlorine, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals and contaminants. We now are taking our water a step further by Structuring, Restructuring & Vortex’ing our SuperH2O. Structured Water is a game changer as structured water balances itself back to natures natural structured living water, reducing surface tension, increasing absorption and giving an incredibly smooth & soft mouth feel experience, just as nature intended.

What makes Sol-ti's SuperH2O different?

Our Structured Reverse Osmosis SuperH2O - is a game changer. First, our water is put through a series of Reverse Osmosis Filters to reduce heavy metals, contaminants, fluoride, chlorine and other harmful elements - resulting 0 TDS (total dissolved solids) pure water. Then, we take it a step further and Structure & Vortex our water - giving our water a crystalline spring water structure which stabilizes the natural energy embodied in water - improving cellular water and nutrient absorption capacity. This is done through vortexing the reverse osmosis water used in SuperAde® through a gold plated commercial grade vortex’ing device which contains a cosmic collection of 10 different gemstones such as quartz crystal, rose quarts, shungite, tiger eye and others as well as supercharged borosilicate glass vials and EM ceramics.

Sol-ti's Commitment to Innovation

Today, we are experiencing the effects of damage to the environment on the planet which is why we have to act now. We must be wise in our actions to preserve the planet and ourselves as we are all connected. We can all affect change via our everyday actions.

Sol-ti is committed to making a change as our company was founded with a dedication for health and sustainability. Sol-ti takes a different route with People and Planet as priority. Glass, compostable packaging and organic SuperFoods are some of the many solutions to the real problem we face; products packaged in plastic, with substances that directly affect ones physical and mental health as well as harm our ecosystems, oceans and landfills.

The real reason for the deterioration of the planet, the TRUE cause of death, is before our eyes and is magnified by big food and big ag. It is time to stand up for our future and put our own health and the health of our planet as a priority.

Proof of SuperH2O Technology

More information about Structured Water can be found HERE. Note that Sol-ti does not use any products from Crystal Blue.

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