DIY Ideas to Re-Use Your Sol-ti ♻️

Here are some ways to repurpose your Sol-ti bottles in a creative way!

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Spices and Herbs

Sol-ti SuperShot and SuperAde bottles can be reused to store organic spices and herbs


Embrace sustainability and creativity with this fantastic DIY planter for plants and succulents.

Travel Containers

Sol-ti SuperShot bottles are TSA approved so you can reuse your bottles to fly with your go-to natural beauty products!

Dry Good Storage

Store your nutritious dry goods in an Eco-Friendly style, preserving freshness while minimizing waste.

Liquid Containers

SuperAde Sol-ti Bottles can be reused as storage for your liquids.

Skincare Containers

Reuse you Sol-ti Bottles as storage for your routine beauty products.

Zero-Waste Grocery Store

Support sustainability by using our glass bottles at Zero-Waste grocery stores

Salad Dressing

Keep your dressing ready to use at all times, bringing a touch of charm and goodness to your dining experience.

DIY Terrarium

Create your own joyful oasis ready to be filled with miniature succulents or cacti.