100% Recyclable, Insulated and Secure

Earth Friendly

Sol-ti's e-commerce packaging is earth friendly with 100% post-consumer recycled kraft brown cardboard box.

Recycled and Insulated

Packaging includes post-consumer recycled cardboard inserts to keep Sol-ti bottles from breaking, an insulated ClimaCell® cooler (packed with jute, a native grass that is used to make burlap materials) and reusable ice packs.

Secure Sol-ti Glass Bottles

Shipping refrigerated Living Beverages® bottled in

glass without breakage is incredibly challenging.

We've gone to great lengths to engineer this box.

Naturally Grown Soy Oil

Ink used on the box is based from naturally grown soy oil, degrading more than 4 times faster than petroleum-based inks which means the full life cycle of soy ink is shorter & the load on the enviroment is far less.

Today, we are experiencing the effects of damage to the environment on the planet which is why we have to act now. We must be wise in our actions to preserve the planet and ourselves as we are all connected. We can all affect change via our everyday actions. 

Sol-ti is committed to making a change as our company was founded with a dedication for health and sustainability. Sol-ti takes a different route with People and Planet as priority. Glass, compostable packaging and organic SuperFoods are some of the many solutions to the real problem we face; products packaged in plastic, with substances that directly affect ones physical and mental health as well as harm our ecosystems, oceans and landfills.

The real reason for the deterioration of the planet, the TRUE cause of death, is before our eyes. It is time to do something about it and put our own health and the health of our planet as a priority.

Best in Glass®