Never Conventional

Never Conventional®

At Sol-ti, one of our mottos is Never Conventional®

What does this mean?

This means that in everything we do, we strive for excellence. Exemplified not only with our patented Liquid Manufacturing Process (which is the closest to nature a beverage manufacturer can achieve) but also through our sourcing of ingredients, fresh produce & quality superfoods that we hydraulically cold press juice in house.

Our sourcing goes above and beyond in every measure. When a product of ours wears the Never Conventional® badge instead of the USDA Organic badge, it means that all ingredients sourced in the product are either certified organic or are pesticide and chemical free.

Some ingredients cannot be certified organic due to USDA bureaucratic rules. When these uncertified ingredients make their way into our products, rest assured they are never grown using pesticides or glyphosate and are often times grown in full accordance to organic standards yet cannot be certified due to USDA stipulations (such as activated charcoal or liquid chlorophyll).

Never Conventional Collage

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