Master Cleanse SuperAde® (9 PACK)

9 Glass Bottles (14.9 fl oz per bottle)

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Living • SuperFood • Hydration 

Simplicity at its best! We combine the perfect ratio of lemon, cayenne pepper, and a hint of maple syrup with Reverse Osmosis Water to bring you a convenient cleanse. Our Master Cleanse is a powerful immunity builder that contains an ideal amount of heat. Cayenne pepper is a SuperFood that contains many benefits that strengthen the immune system, increase vitality and helps support digestion to cleanse the body.  

Let Yourself Shine® 

Organic Lemon 

Alkalizing, Cleansing, Purifying 

Organic Cayenne Pepper 

Immunity Builder, Heat Generation, Blood Sugar Regulation 

Organic Maple Syrup 

Energizing, Calcium, Iron, Potassium & Trace Minerals 

Perishable, keep refrigerated. 


This beverage is part of our popular cleansing program called the “Nourishment Cleanse”. It is the fifth beverage that we recommend consuming within the plan, in the late afternoon between 3:00pm and 4:00pm. Get over that mid afternoon slump with Master Cleanse SuperAde. Alkalize with organic pressed lemon and build immunity with a kick of cayenne pepper while also improving circulation! 

Each Sol-ti Living Beverage is created with best in class dosages of functional SuperFoods to help boost immunity and vitality. Sol-ti created this pure, fresh lemonade with natural and USDA Organic ingredients so that your body can absorb vitamins and nutrients from our beverages in its purest form.  Our unique UV Light Filtration process uses light rays to preserve our liquid without pasteurizing it – eliminating spoilers without impacting nutrient counts – so you can enjoy organic, Glass Bottled, Living Beverages® that are of the highest quality and taste. Sol-ti beverages are plant-based, vegan, keto-friendly, paleo, kosher, low calorie, low carb and low sugar. 
Sustainable Packaging: 
Unlike petroleum-based single use plastic bottles that leech into beverages and destroy our planet's ecosystems, reusable glass bottles from Sol-ti preserve our environment & oceans. Sol-ti has upgraded its filling & production lines to reduce single use plastic caps. With that, we have transitioned from plastic caps to Aluminum caps for our SuperAde Line and will of course be maintaining our Aluminum caps on our SuperShot Line. Sol-ti has recently upgraded its e-commerce packaging to be earth friendly. This new package includes a 100% post-consumer recycled kraft brown cardboard box, post-consumer recycled cardboard inserts to keep Sol-ti bottles from breaking, an insulated ClimaCell cooler (packed with jute, a native grass that is used to make burlap materials) and reusable ice packs. In a quest to find ways to help the environment, Sol-ti encourages the reuse of our bottles for purposes such as filling with homemade juice, storage for other goods, or recycling in reputable glass recycling centers. 

With industrialism, we are experiencing the effects of damage to the environment on the planet, which is why we have to act now. We must be wise in our actions to preserve the planet and ourselves, as we are all connected. We can all affect change via our everyday actions. Sol-ti is committed to making a change as our company was founded with a dedication for health and sustainability. Sol-ti does not associate with consumer-packaged goods companies that harm our oceans and planet. Instead, we take a different route with People and Planet as priority. Glass, compostable packaging and organic superfoods are one of the many solutions to the real problem we face; products packaged in plastic, with substances that directly affect ones physical and mental health as well as harm our ecosystems, oceans and landfills. The real reason for the deterioration of the planet, the TRUE cause of death, is before our eyes. Time to do something about it. It is time to put our own health and the health of our planet as a priority.

Choose Best in Glass® 


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