Packaging Solutions for a Healthy Planet


Sol-ti's New SuperMix® Line Uses Proprietary Sustainable Packaging

In alignment with Sol-ti's passion for healthy living and sustainability, we have strategically chosen proprietary packaging for Sol-ti's new SuperMix Line to ensure that no matter where the packaging ends up, it will not be a lasting detriment to the environment. This technology has been 100% proven and tested, proving the power of this new technology.

What makes Sol-ti's Packaging different?

Our packaging harnesses the power of bio-assimilation to completely break down this plastic in terrestrial, marine, and landfill environments, all within 24-48 months! SuperMix packaging has a guaranteed useful life to keep the product fresh, but once consumed, the packaging will begin to break down in any environment. Should the packaging not be recycled properly (though we recommend proper recycling for good habits), there will be complete bio-assimilation resulting in zero microplastics no matter what environment the plastic lands in.

Sol-ti's Commitment to Sustainability

Today, we are experiencing the effects of damage to the environment on the planet which is why we have to act now. We must be wise in our actions to preserve the planet and ourselves as we are all connected. We can all affect change via our everyday actions.

Sol-ti is committed to making a change as our company was founded with a dedication for health and sustainability. Sol-ti takes a different route with People and Planet as priority. Glass, compostable packaging and organic SuperFoods are some of the many solutions to the real problem we face; products packaged in plastic, with substances that directly affect ones physical and mental health as well as harm our ecosystems, oceans and landfills.

The real reason for the deterioration of the planet, the TRUE cause of death, is before our eyes. It is time to do something about it and put our own health and the health of our planet as a priority.

Sustainable Proof of SPTEK ECLIPSE Technology

SPTEK technology is 100% proven by a first-of-its-kind C-13 bio-assimilation credible third-party testing to ensure bio-assimilation in marine, terrestrial, and anaerobic landfill environments with zero microplastics.

The combination of the ‘Standard Test’ measuring the CO2 and biomass within a closed environment containing a colony go microorganisms and the ‘Expedited Test’ detects carbonyl groups to prove that the molecules have reached sub-5000 daltons. The combination of these tests unequivocally proves the efficacy of ECLIPSE.

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