6 Coconut Charcoal SuperAde® + 24 SuperShot™ Bottles (Choose Flavor)

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6 SuperAde® Bottles (15.5 fl oz per bottle)

24 SuperShot™ Bottles (2 oz / 58 ml per bottle)

Coconut Charcoal SuperAde®

Our Coconut Charcoal SuperAde has the perfect amount of lemon with only a subtle amount of sweetness from maple syrup.

Through adsorption, activated coconut charcoal helps to bind and eliminate toxins. Activated charcoal also contains Anti-Aging properties and helps whiten teeth! No wonder it is one of our top-selling flavors!


Each SuperShot contains the best in class dosages of functional SuperFoods for immunity support and vitality.

Choose your favorite flavor:


Perishable, Keep Refrigerated. 

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