HEMP+® SuperShot™ Variety Pack

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24, 36 or 72 Glass Bottles ( 2 oz / 58 ml per bottle)

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    HEMP+® GINGER SuperShot™

    HEMP+ GINGER SuperShot contains 30mg of Organic Hempseed oil, 17g of Ginger Organic juice, and 49.5g of Lemon Organic juice.

    This incredible shot is an upgrade on the original ginger shot, known to boost energy levels, revitalize your immune system, and reduce inflammation!

    HEMP+® TURMERIC SuperShot™

    HEMP+ TURMERIC SuperShots contains 30mg of Organic Hempseed Oil, 17g of Turmeric Organic juice and 49.5g Lemon Organic juice.

    This incredible shot is the king of Anti-Inflammation, packed with Anti-Oxidants and neurotrophic that improve brain function and provide a cognitive boost!

    Sol-ti HEMP+® SuperShot™ uses organic Hempseed Oil which contains 0.0% THC  and 0.0% CBD. 


    Perishable, Keep Refrigerated.


    See here for a statement about our new Aluminum ROPP caps (Coming soon)

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