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3 Day Nourishment Cleanse

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Our Glass Bottled, 3 Day Nourishment Program includes 18 functional beverages - which will leave you feeling refreshed and energized! Consume 6 beverages per day as per instructions above & below.

• Chlorophyll Aloe Lemonade
• Pure Green
• Reishi Turmeric Lemonade
• Pure Green 
• Master Cleanse
• Activated Charcoal Lemonade 


Mind • Body • Spirit 

Our nourishment program is a balanced approach to cleansing that will give you all of the benefits of a hardcore cleanse with added super-foods, and adaptogens for optimum digestion and brain function.

After rising, we recommend starting out your day with 500mL to 1L (16-32 ounces) of pure, filtered water. Water should be room temperature or warm. Feel free to add lemon, trace minerals, fulvic acid and himalayan pink salt to the water to aide in waking your digestive system. This will both hydrate you and prepare your body for absorption. 30 minutes after consuming water, you're now ready to start your nourishment program. You may wish to infuse your water with lemon or lemon/cucumber by placing water in a container overnight with lemon and/or cucumber (refrigeration optional).

Morning (Drink 1)
We start out with Chlorophyll Aloe Lemonade, which aids in digestive health & hydrates, normalizes the blood & alkalizes with Lemon.

Morning (Drink 2)
Second is Pure Green - this drink will move your body closer to an alkaline state which have been proven to reduce breeding capabilities for bacteria and pathogens. Green is good!

Noon (Drink 3)
Our incredibly special Reishi Turmeric Tea (reishi, turmeric, lemon, maple syrup). Reishi has been called "The Immortality Mushroom" for good reason! It has been shown to disrupt viral diseases and drastically reduce inflammation. Check out this link for more info. Turmeric studies have shown to reduce inflammation and purify blood. An amazing adaptogenic tea for a calm afternoon.

Afternoon (Drink 4)
In the afternoon, Pure Green is a nutrient packed juice that is extremely alkalizing. The smooth pressed greens with a kick of lemon will nourish your body with essential vitamins and micronutrients. 

Afternoon (Drink 5)
In the late afternoon, Master Cleanse is a cleansing juice that is extremely alkalizing. The smooth pressed lemon with a kick of cayenne will heat up your body to improve circulation of essential vitamins and micronutrients. 

Evening (Drink 6)
The only way to finish up your day is with another Activated Charcoal Lemonade! The activated charcoal contains anti-aging properties, pulls toxins from the skin, and helps whiten teeth!

Water (All Day)
Drink plenty of water or tea throughout the day! The key is to keep hydrated while absorbing micro-nutrients in abundance.

*See our Nourishment Cleanse FAQ for more information*


We ship your nourishment program straight to your door!

Our beverages are made fresh on the day of ship out in our organic certified commercial kitchen. Our beverages are unpasteurized, NON-HPP, PLASTIC-FREE and preservatives are not used. Our nourishment programs come in insulated boxes that keep our glass bottles cold and damage free for 3 days. Refrigerate beverages immediately upon reception. Discard any remaining beverages after the duration of your nourishment program if not consumed before expiration date, which is printed on the back of each bottle.

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